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U Shape Kitchen Designer in Varanasi

Looking for a full fledged modular kitchen in a small guarded corner of your home?  A U-shaped kitchen is what you need. Depending upon the number of closed corners (guarding walls) of your kitchen space, you can go for two types of U shaped kitchens. For example, if you have two adjacent walls, then you can make one leg of your U type kitchen, into a small table or a dining space by omitting the upper case cabinets and base cabinets. If you want, you can put a chair or two for sitting.

However, if your kitchen space is guarded by three walls, you can make the maximum utilization of them by creating upper cases and base cabinets. One drawback that always remains with the U style kitchens is that they become more or less congested. Hence it is recommended to plan your U style kitchens accordingly.

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